Development Assistance for Residents & Businesses

There are a variety of resources available to residents and businesses developing within the Town of Summerville.

Individuals interested in these programs are encouraged to contact the Town of Summerville’s Planning and Economic Development Department for more information, 843-851-4208.

  1. Capital Investments
  2. Discounted Sewer Connection
  3. Brownfields Cleanup Fund
  4. Conservation Easements
  5. DREAM
  6. For-Profit Property Credit
  7. Discounted Sewer Connection
  8. Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  9. SC Community Loan Fund
  10. Historic Rehabilitation Credit
  11. Owner Occupied Property Credit
  12. Retail Facilities Credit
  13. New Market Tax Credits
  14. Economic Development Incentive
  15. Voluntary Cleanup Program
  16. Permitting Process

Capital Investments/Infrastructure Improvements

The Town of Summerville realizes the critical role quality infrastructure plays in supporting quality development. To that end, the Town seeks strategic partnerships where it may leverage its capital improvement investments such as streetscaping, open space, and recreational amenities as identified in the Town of Summerville’s Vision Plan.