Completed Road Projects

Completed in 2018

  • Sidewalk West 2nd North Street

Completed in 2017

  • Gahagan Park Trail from West Boundary Street to Butler Street (PDF)
  • Sidewalk along Gahagan Road and East 6th South Street (PDF)
  • Bacons Bridge Road
  • Signal mast arms on North Main Street at Holiday Drive and Azalea Square Drive
  • Roads resurfaced include:
    • Cromwell Court to Newington
    • Fripp Lane to Palmetto Park
    • Hutson Drive to Corey Woods
    • Pressley Avenue to Downtown
    • Ruston Place to Crichton Parish
    • Sawtooth Lane and Jigsaw Road to Gahagan
    • Shenandoah Court to Irongate
    • Swift Court to Twin Oaks
    • Wainwright Manor to Brandywill
  • South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) roads resurfaced include:
    • Country Club Boulevard and Country Club Road to Miler Country Club
    • Graham Lane to Downtown
    • Tea Farm Road to Tea Farm
    • Wassamassaw Road to Robynwyn
  • Upgraded 14 traffic signals on North Main Street 
  • The Town of Summerville partnered with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to upgrade traffic signals at fourteen (14) intersections on U.S. 17A from Richardson Avenue to Beauregard Road on the north side of I-26.
  • The signals were upgraded to an adaptive signal system that utilizes software that communicates with other signals in the U.S. 17A corridor and adapt the timing of signals based on traffic volumes.
  • The system gives priority to traffic with higher volumes, but does not require motorists to wait at intersections with no cross traffic. This upgraded system allows the most efficient flow of traffic along U.S.17A and its signalized intersecting streets.
  • The total cost for all the improvements is $450,000. The costs were shared by the Town of Summerville, SCDOT, Berkeley County Transportation Committee (CTC) and Dorchester CTC.

New Sidewalk Construction

In an effort to make Summerville more pedestrian friendly new sidewalks has been installed on Wassamassaw Road, Parkwood Drive from Golf Road. to Simmons Avenue and on Gum Street (JPG) from E Richardson Avenue to Gahagan Road A pedestrian bridge has also been installed on Gum St. to allow for continual sidewalk access over the Sawmill Branch Canal.Pedestrian bridge over creek


Roads repaired and/or converted from concrete to asphalt:

  • Baltusrol Court
  • Buremba Run
  • Coldstream Court
  • Crooked Stick Court to Pine Forest
  • Factors Walk and Black Oak Boulevard to Gahagan
  • Midland Parkway, a SCDOT maintained road


  • Roads Resurfaced:
    • Bluebell Avenue
    • Lilac Drive to Robynwyn
    • Violet Drive
  • Shepard Street to Shepard Park
  • Old Trolley Road, a SCDOT maintained road
  • West Carolina Avenue, Briarwood Lane and Willis Lane to Downtown