Police Cadet Program


Police Cadets Group PhotoThe Summerville Police Department's Cadet Program was established in 1992 to provide a positive setting for young people to interact with law enforcement officers, further, their education, encourage their participation in rewarding and productive service activities, and possibly interest them in a law enforcement career. The Cadet Program also works to provide role models to help develop our future citizens and community leaders. The post is a joint effort between the Town of Summerville and The Boy Scouts of America. The goal of the Summerville Police Cadet Post is to develop professional Cadets through a program of adult leadership, training, experience, and safe police service activities.

The Cadet Post as a group and Cadets as individuals are encouraged to seek out worthwhile community service projects to participate in. The Cadets provide traffic direction and assist with crowd control at events such as the Elks Lodge Flag Day Ceremony, Red, White, and Blue on the Green, Harvest Moon Hayride and Ghost Walk, Summerville Greenwave Football Games, the Flowertown Festival, Summerville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting and many others.

The program is run by Jonathan James (Post Director) and many other law enforcement and civilian volunteers. All of the Advisors are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time.

The Cadet program is open to young men and women ages 15 to 20 (or 14 if they have completed the 8th grade) who;

  1. Have an overall "C" average with no failing grades
  2. Have no significant criminal history
  3. Have the ability and desire to be a team player
  4. Must be willing to attend weekly meetings, special events, and other service activities as needed

Many of the Department's Cadets continue their law enforcement education in college and pursue law enforcement careers. Currently, former Summerville Police Cadets are serving or have served as law enforcement officers or related careers in:

  1. The Summerville Police Department
  2. All five branches of the U.S. Military
  3. The SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
  4. Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston County Sheriff's Office
  5. City of Charleston and North Charleston Police Departments
  6. SC Highway Patrol
  7. Departments in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and many others

Many of the area's explorer posts are run by Law Enforcement Advisors who started as Summerville Police Cadets.

Each year a different South Carolina Law Enforcement Agency hosts a competition in which Cadets from across the State as well as Cadets from Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia come together and compete in Law Enforcement events such as:

  • Legal knowledge, Accident Report Writing, Incident Report Writing
  • Physical Agility
  • High-Risk Traffic Stops
  • Unknown Risk Traffic Stops and Courtroom Testimony
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Drug Search Warrants
  • Active Shooter
  • Officer Down Rescue
  • Building Entry
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation
  • Firearms / Pistol Competition


  1. James Resized

    Jonathan James


  1. Dezmon Drayton Portrait Resized

    Dezmon Drayton


  1. Odika Brown Portrait Resized

    Odika Brown


  1. Tyler Ladson Portrait Resized

    Tyler Ladson

    Patrolman First Class

  1. Tyler Bassano Portrait Resized

    Tyler Bassano

    Emergency Services Technology Officer

Summer 2022 SCALE Conference

The Summer 2022 SCALE Conference was hosted by Benedict College in Columbia SC. Through a week-long event with 12 high-intensity scenarios, the Summerville Police Cadets worked with each other as a team and other Cadet Posts to test their knowledge and strengths.

The Summerville Police Cadets were awarded with the following trophies for their efforts in the following scenarios and exercises.

  • Firearms
    1st Place - Overall
    1st Place - Riley Coombes
    2nd Place - Christopher Shoemaker
  • Domestic Violence
    2nd Place
  • Fight in Progress
    3rd Place
  • Burglary in Progress
    3rd Place
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